Westwood Baby Furniture Created With Safety In Mind

Beautiful High Quality Designs from Westwood Baby Furniture Created with Safety in Mind

Westwood baby furniture is becoming more well known for its beautiful hardwood products. These items are all made with high levels of care and quality. Of course, baby furniture must have extra safety features added because of the small children involved. The lines of items created by Westwood have been made in keeping with the highest standards of safety in mind.

10 Amazing Product Lines Available

To cater to a larger number of homes and the themes within them, there are ten product lines from this company. These items are manufactured in varying shades. As a result, there is something to match virtually any type of d├ęcor that is inside of the baby’s room.

The Brookline Collection is a fairly new creation that has a very modern look. It is available in the shade of chocolate mist, which is a deep rich color. Within this line of products, there is a convertible crib, dressing coroom with baby furniturembo, chest, combo hutch, and chest. The Dakota Collection also has a deep rich look and the same types of products are available. Both of these lines allow for the maximum amount of furniture and storage within a room.

The Copa Collection has a warm cider finish. This light shade allows the room to have an airy and fresh atmosphere. The products involved with this line include the convertible crib, dresser combo, chest, and combo hutch/bookcase. Other lines of products that include the same items but of varying shades include the Geneva, Kingston, Jonesport, Park West, and Waverly Collections.

The Meadowdale Collection is slightly different from the other four piece lines in that it includes a five drawer chest. The Stratton line of products has six pieces. This list includes the convertible crib, dressing combo, hutch, double dresser, nightstand, and chest.

All of these lines of furniture have the ability to offer great convenience. Many times, the collections are all that a room needs to store clothes, toys, and other such things that a baby needs. They are also very handy for having as the child grows up. The convertible features and the durable construction give them the potential to be the only furniture needed in the room for the child’s life.

convertible cribSpecial Design Features Found in Westwood Products

Westwood takes a lot of pride in the work that they complete. These professionals combine various types of details in the wood with durable construction. They use finishes that are rich in color and that add character to the products. Each item has been created with the special touch that makes life a bit more convenient.

The drawers that are included in the designs of the chests or otherwise are easy to reach. They are pulled out of their placement but the whole drawer comes out attached to the front piece. This allows the individual to find anything in that drawer without a hassle. These drawers are placed just under areas to change the baby. Therefore, individuals are able to reach all of the supplies while remaining right in front of the child.

The touch lights included in the furniture design enables individuals to see exactly what they are doing no matter what amount of light is already in the room. These products make it easier to see the details that really matter, whether the individual is trying to find products on the shelf or trying to see how much powder is left in the bottle.

Because some of these furnishings are convertible including the hutch, as the child gets older, these items can be used for other purposes. Also, in the case that a family decides to move, these items can be changed into their compact forms quite quickly.

High Standards of Quality

While all of the Westwood baby furniture has been created with special features to make life more convenient, the quality is also quite extraordinary. These items have been built to last from the time that the baby is born to whenever the child moves out of the house, and longer. The poplar wood used is durable and reliable. The construction of the products has been completed to last the test of time.

For example, the cribs have large corner posts that have been made from solid wood. The parts do not bend or flex when a lot of pressure is placed on them. The joints in any of the furnishings have been created so that they stay joined. The pieces that can be removed have had steel inserts attached to the wood with permanent glue. Cleats and corner braces have been used on the drawers in these items to make the parts quite tough.

While the convertible types of furniture are easily changed, any part of the furniture that is not supposed to move, doesn’t. These items are designed to last for a very long time with constant use.

drawer chestSafety Features Add Even More Value

While this company has high standards in its design and quality, it also believes that safety is an essential part of creating top products. Westwood doesn’t only make the products to meet the mandatory standards of the United States health and safety organization. They exceed these standards plus the volunteer standards. All of the products are tested by a third party laboratory that is off-site.

The finishes that are used on the furniture have independent studies completed on them. These tests look for lead, phosphates and other materials that are harmful. These tests also ensure that not only are these harmful substances not used but that the finishes are up to the ASTM F963 standards, normally used to analyze children’s toys.

The hutches are designed with anti-tip safety straps. These attachments secure the product to the wall. As a result, the tall furniture that also may be quite heavy cannot be tipped over by the child. In fact, Westwood recommends that any furniture that a person has in their home have these straps attached. Similar straps can be purchased from specialty, home improvement, and hardware stores.

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