Nursery Furniture

Furnishing Your Nursery

When preparing to bring your baby home for the first time, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is choosing nursery furniture. Take some time to browse, determine what your nursery style will be, and enjoy the experience of preparing for the arrival of your new family member! Here are the essentials.

The Crib

The crib is the most important piece of furniture in your newborn’s room. There are many options when it comes to choosing a crib. Standard, traditional cribs are usually the least expensive option. The standard crib doesn’t have multiple functions or extra features, it simply serves its purpose. If you’re planning to purchase all of the additional furniture (a changing table, storage furniture, and eventually a toddler bed) then a standard crib may be the best choice for you. Another great option is the convertible crib. This is the perfect choice for parents who want to get a lot of use out of one piece of furniture. When the baby outgrows the crib, it can be converted into a toddler bed and later into a full size bed. Finally, there are the more unique choices in cribs. For example, round cribs have become a recent trend. These cribs can have some extroom for a babyra visual appeal, but parents should consider the downside to the unusual design. A round crib means that round accessories will need to be purchased. Because standard bedding is obviously not round, the selection won’t be as large and the price will most likely be quite a bit higher. The shape may also make space an issue, as a round crib won’t fit as nicely into a square room.

The Dresser And Changing Area

Now that you know where your newborn will sleep, you’ll also need a place to keep all of the adorable outfits you’ve accumulated. While choosing a dresser may seem like a fairly easy decision, there are still a few factors to consider. First, you’ll need to determine just how much storage space you’ll need. Babies are small, but seem to require more things that all of the other family members combined. If space is at a minimum, a dresser can be the best place to store some of these things. Also consider that this piece of furniture could stay with your child far beyond the nursery days. Choose a piece that is large enough to be useful as your child grows. Next, you should determine if the dresser will do double duty as a changing table. In this case, you’ll want to be sure to choose a dresser that is a good height for you to easily change your newborn. Surface space will also become an important variable if you choose to use the dresser as a changing table. After choosing a changing pad, be sure that it will fit on top of the dresser that you select for your nursery. Finally, you can decide between a standard dresser or a ready-made dresser and changing table combo. Some dressers made specifically for the nursery will come with a changing station attached. Those with a removable changing station can be a great option for the baby as well as for transitioning as the child grows.

The Storage Solution

For those with more space to work with or just more things to store, additional storage may be needed. Start by finding a place to keep all of the books that were given to you at the baby shower. Why hide all of the adorable book covers on a standard bookshelf? A recent trend in nursery design is to hang several shallow shelves on the baby’s wall and place books, facing out, along each shelf. This makes it easy for parents to see which books are available while also serving as a pop of color and fun on the walls. The closet is the obvious spot in any room. However, the standard bars for hanging clothes aren’t as useful for baby clothes. Place a small bookshelf in the closet for additional storage. Baskets can be placed on the shelves and will become a great place for keeping clothing, diapers, even toys.

The Comfy Space

Nursery furniture is, for the most part, chosen based on what will be most functional for the baby. However, parents will also spend plenty of time in the nursery. Create a space in your child’s room to ensure that you’ll be comfortable during midnight feedings and afternoon naps with your little one. Traditionally, parents would choose wooden rocking chairs for the nursery. While beautiful, they aren’t the most comfortable choice in furniture. Today, there is a wide selection of comfortable, plush gliders that will allow you to relax while still providing the motion to help your child fall asleep. Try out a variety of sizes to determine which chair will be the most comfortable for you sit in, the easiest for you to get up from while holding your baby, and what will fit best in your room. After choosing the best size, look for chairs in fabrics that are durable and stain resistant or with slip covers that are easily washable. A matching footstool will provide even more comfort while you’re relaxing with your newborn. You may also want to look for a lamp for this space. Chances are, you’ll spend a good amount of time in your chair, reading to your child. Rather than turning on an overhead light every time, a lamp will give you enough light to read while not being bright enough to keep the baby awake.

Safety First

The most important factor to consider when choosing nursery furniture is the safety. Be sure that the crib and changing table you choose meet the current safety standards, which can be found online. While many parents choose to use furniture that has been handed down from friends or family members, the safety specifications should still be checked to ensure that all of the standards are met. Choose what you love, do your research, and have fun preparing to bring your baby home!

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