The Best Cribs For Your Baby

baby in a cribBaby cribs are the first thing you would ever purchase as a new parent. This is because; it is the place where your baby spends most of its time sleeping and adjusting to the new world. So, it is your responsibility to choose the best crib for your baby that best suits their requirements.

Deciding on the best crib for your baby requires lot of effort from your side. Once you have decided to buy a crib for your baby, there are many different aspects to see while selecting a best crib, such as safety, ease of assembly, affordable price, appearance, and ease of use.

Factors to consider when buying baby cribs

Selecting the right crib for your baby can be a critical task. However, considering the following factors helps determine the right crib for your baby.

1. Safety standards
When buying a crib for your baby, the primary focus should be on baby’s safety. Your child’s safety is more important than any other concern. So, what makes the crib safe? Usually safety can be achieved by selecting a crib that meets all safety standards prescribed by the government. It should be assembled with all the parts, and no parts should be missing. Cribs that have drop sides are no longer safe as per government norms. A safe crib for your baby should have a firm and tight fitting mattress, no cut-outs in the head and foot boards and no missing or broken slats.

2. Wheels
Wheels on the cribs are considered a very useful feature, but make sure the casters of the wheel are not flimsy. Cribs that come with wheels are easy to manipulate or move, when you want to find things that have dropped below the structure or need to vacuum under them. In addition, moving it around the room becomes practical and easy when cribs are attached with wheels.

3. Assembly
Choose types that are easy to assemble and do not require too much of expertise. However, most cribs available in the market are easy to assemble and do not require too much of brain power. Also, it is important to assemble the crib as specified, failing so will result in loss of safety. A wobbling or rattling crib may indicate the it is put together improperly or could be a sign that you should look for a sturdier one.

4. Height and support
The height of the crib you choose for your baby is another important factor you should pay close attention to. If you plan to use it for your baby’s infancy years, then it is a good idea to buy one that is tall enough to cater the child’s need even after a couple of years. The most expensive cribs come with adjustable mattress height. Look out for the way the mattress is held up. Two mattress heights will be good but 3 mattress heights will be even better.

Crib mattresses support comes in lots of variations. Options include wooden slats, metal bars, metal frame with crisscrossed wires and wire springs. Among all these, wire springs are considered to be the best choice for baby cribs.

5. Convertible cribs
Some cribs that are designed for babies can be convertible in to toddlers bed and some even in to an adult bed. It is just a matter of choice, but the added expenses are not worth for some parents.

6. Cost
With the availability of a number of so many different models, the prices may vary considerably depending on brand name, age of the crib and quality. Cost should not be a big concern when selecting a baby crib, because your child’s safety and comfort is worth more than money. However, a low-end metal cribs can cost you as little as $100 only, while a high-end imported cast-iron designed cribs can cost you $800 to $1200 or even higher. If you decide to go for a cheaper crib then make sure it is safe for your baby before use.

7. Comfort
Comfort is very important while choosing a crib for your baby. The size should allow the baby to stretch its hands and legs to its full length. Mattresses selected should be soft and flexible. To prevent or avoid any irritation or allergy, make sure the mattress and also bedding is made with clinically tested materials.

baby crib picture8. External appearance
Although, the appearance of the crib is not an important feature to consider while purchasing it, it is fairly common among parents to match it with its surrounding environment. The first choice of color for new parents is always white. However, choosing white has its downside of getting or showing dirt very easily. To avoid showing dirt, black would be the best choice. But, many parents would avoid this color as it is too dark. A good choice of color to hide dirt would be stained wood, which also gives a good rustic look to your crib.

Tips on how to use the cribs safely:

  • Properly read and follow instructions to assemble and use it.
  • Do not use the crib when an attachment is missing or loose.
  • Hanging toys on the cribs should be out of the reach of your baby.
  • If the crib mattress can be lowered and raised then it should be lowered before the baby can actually sit unassisted and it should be lowered to the lowest point before the baby can actually stand.
  • Keep the baby crib away from any power chords.
  • Never install any swinging devices are hammocks onto the crib, because the baby may get strangled.


Cribs for your baby are available in all sizes, models and styles in various stores both online and retail. It is available at all prices ranging from low to medium to high depending on your needs and requirements. Before buying a crib for your baby, it is important to look at the various factors and features that you consider important. There is wide range of high quality baby cribs out there that are perfectly safe and very comfortable to your child.

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