Boba Baby Carrier: A Parent’s Best Accessory

Boba Baby Carriers

Whether going to the grocery store or exploring a new town on vacation, traveling with a baby is never easy. Many parents have found that baby carriers are a great solution to the problem. With so many options available, choosing a baby carrier can be a difficult decision for a parent. The Boba brand provides several products that customers choose and recommend to others for use with both newborns and toddlers.

Why Use A Baby Carrier?

Strollers are great for taking a child with you on walks or running errands, but storing a stroller can be difficult and transporting it from one location to another can quickly become a chore. Baby carriers are a great alternative for parents who are on the go and want an easy solution for bringing children along for day to day activities. A baby carrier is also the perfect solution for bringing a baby on a trip. Not only is packing a stroller impractical, but most parents would simply rather not deal with a stroller while navigating around a busy town or crowded area. Many parents choose to purchase baby carriers because they want to create a stronger bond with their child. Many people believe that carrying a child against your body will help parents feel emotionally close to a child as they keep them physically close. Being close to a parent’s body, and heartbeat, can also be soothing for a child.

The Boba Brandwoman carrying a baby

The Boba company was started by the parents of two children who had a need for their own baby carrier. The company prides itself on maintaining a commitment to caring about children and creating quality products that best serve the needs of parents. All of the products available have been designed specifically for parents who want to continue being active while developing a close bond with their child. Those looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to big businesses will be happy to know that Boba has made a commitment to taking steps toward becoming a green company.

The Products:

The Boba Classic

The Boba Classic is the original Boba baby carrier and a favorite among customers. This product is designed for children weighing more than fifteen pounds who already have control over their head movements, not for newborn babies. Parents love the Boba Classic because of the comfort level that it offers to both the parent and the child during use. A hip belt that is similar to those on hiking backpacks and thick, sturdy straps, make this carrier comfortable as it disperses the weight of the child. Breathable fabric makes overheating less likely. In addition to serving its function fantastically, the Boba Classic also looks great. Parents love the solid color options as well as the prints available on the carriers. While the more whimsical patterns are fun, some dads will prefer the more masculine solid colors. Note that Boba carriers do not allow the child to face out. Babies being carried in a Boba should always be facing the parent.

The Boba Air

While the Boba Classic is a great, basic carrier, the Boba Air offers many of the same benefits in a lightweight version. The 0.7 pound product can be easily folded, making it easy to throw into a diaper bag when running errands or into a suitcase when traveling. Busy parents will not only appreciate the portability of the product, but also the nylon material that makes this carrier easy to wipe clean. The fabric also means that the carrier will stay cooler, making it more comfortable for the baby and the parent. For family vacations, it doesn’t get much better. Those who are looking for a great, comfortable carrier that won’t take up a lot of room may find that the Boba Air is the perfect choice for them. Like the Classic, the Boba Air is for children weighing over fifteen pounds and does not allow children to face away from the parent.

 The Boba Wrap

The Boba Classic and the Boba Air are great carriers for children over fifteen pounds, but what about the newborns? Boba has a solution for new parents in the Boba Wrap. The wrap is simple, durable, and easy to use. While many baby wrap carriers can be too hot for both the baby and the parent, the lightweight fabric of the Boba Wrap will help everyone stay cool and comfortable. New parents who may be intimidated by the seemingly complicated wrapping process will be happy to know that the product comes with clear instructions, making the process easy for beginners and experts. An added bonus is that the wrap comes in a wide range of great colors!

Choosing And Using A Baby Carrier

It’s important to take your time when choosing the baby carrier that’s right for both you and your child. If your child is still small and can’t yet control their head movements, be sure that your carrier will support the head. Also check the weight restrictions on the carrier before purchasing and using it. Carriers will have a minimum as well as a maximum weight limit which will help parents determine if the product will be safe as well as comfortable, based on the weight of the child. Trying on a variety of carriers will help parents decide if the brand and style will be comfortable, keep temperatures regulated, and allow the parent to carry the baby for extended periods of time. After making a decision about which product to purchase, look at the instructions that come with the carrier. Boba carriers offer pictures to help parents learn how to use the carrier safely. Practice using the carrier before using it with the child and be sure that all of the adults who will be using the product know how to use it to ensure that the child will be safe and secure.

Parents looking for a safe, durable, easy to use carrier should consider Boba products. Look for them at authorized distributors worldwide or purchase online at the official Boba website.

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