Baby Bjorn Comfort Carrier: Hot Seller For Good Reason

Some products sell better than others simply because they are backed by a good brand name. However, others sell because of this and due to the fact that they are excellent products. The Baby Bjorn comfort carrier is one that is made by a credible company and has a lot to offer the wearer and the child.

Special Features of the Baby Bjorn Carrier

This brand has a classic child carrier but there is a major difference between that one and this particular make. The comfort carrier has been designed and manufactured to cater to larger children, therefore offering both the wearer and the child more comfort.

The actual ergonomics of the design are quite unique. The weight of the child is equally distributed throughout the carrier because of the adjustable weight belt and the shoulder straps. A lot of the weight is placed around the hips of the wearer, thus allowing the guardian to carry the child for a longer period of time without feeling strain on the neck.

To add extra comfort for the child, there are two different positions for their legs. The legs can be placed at a regular width apart as with traditional carriers. However, the legs can also be placed at an extra width apart, reducing any pressure that may be felt over extended periods of time in the same position. As a result, the infant can experience more comfort for longer. Of course, there is also the option for different sitting positions as well. The child can either face the world or face the bjorn carrier

The child carrier is based on the average weights of children between 3 months and 2 years of age. The item has been designed to last a long time even when it is used quite frequently. This means that a person only has to have the one product during these stages of growth.

Specifications Concerning the Baby Bjorn Carrier for Children

This specific carrier is designed for children between the ages of 3 months and 2 years. The weight constraints fall between 13 and 31 pounds or between 6 and 14 kilograms. In the case that the child is facing in the forward position, the carrier is safe for a maximum weight of 26 pounds or 12 kilograms.

There are generally two types of materials used to build the child carrier. The main material is 100% cotton which is organically cultivated. The remaining fabrics are completely polyester. Any of the materials that are placed close to the skin of the child have been tested according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100, class 1, which is designed for baby products. As a result of the testing, these fabrics have been declared as harmless to the skin of a child and completely hypoallergenic.

Because the Baby Bjorn comfort carrier uses organic cotton, the product must undergo testing to ensure that it complies with certain standards. In this case, the internationally recognized Global Organic Textile Standard, also known as GOTS, is the standard that these carriers must reach. The fact that the products have the GOTS label can reassure that the materials used in the manufacturing process are organic according to this organization’s definition.

In terms of hygiene, the baby carrier is normally easy to clean. It is machine washable using warm water. It is not recommended to use bleach but a gentle detergent instead. There may be more care instructions and other such details in the Owner’s Manual that is provided upon purchase and that is also available online as a free download.

The Pediatrician’s Word

Baby Bjorn created this product with the help of various pediatricians to ensure that it is not only comfortable but safe for children and guardians within the specifications. The company along with the medical experts deliberately created extra positions for the child with the ability to spread the weight around the carrier belt and straps.

The individuals involved in the process understand how important it is for children to bond with the guardian, whether a parent or otherwise. Making them feel safe and comfortable has a large part in that. By using the right type of baby carrier, a person has a better chance of achieving this.

All of the details involved with the carrier for children have created a lot of happy parents, guardians and infants. With the reviews that have been appearing about the product, there may be more satisfied customers yet to come.

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